Experience the perfect peace within and without. This exquisite music is soothing, uplifting and will illuminate your heart with joy. The final recording from legendary vocalist Singh Kaur (Fairy Nightsongs, The Crimson Series) -- This Universe is an enchanting message of love that radiates grace and serenity. The purity of Singh Kaur?s ethereal voice shines through on the extended ancient chant ?This Universe," a gorgeous and enchanting original version of ?A Spark in the Night," and a breathtaking musical version of ?The Lord?s Prayer." The deeply touching beauty of Singh Kaur?s voice is a rare gift and she recorded this extraordinary music as her final offering to her fans. Produced by Gary Stadler (Fairy of the Woods) and featuring artfully sensitive keyboard orchestrations by Raphael (Music to Disappear Into) and special guest Lisa Lynne on Celtic harp, ?This Universe" will deepen and enhance your yoga, the healing arts or meditation
What people are saying about This Universe:
'In 1998, spiritual songstress Singh Kaur teamed up with Gary Stadler to provide the vocals for his album FAIRY NIGHT SONGS. Sadly, she passed away just before the release of the album. Listeners who were enchanted by the combination of Kaur's pristine, fragile vocals with Stadler's whimsical compositions will treasure this release, which posthumously reunites the pair. THIS UNIVERSE, an album of previously unreleased material, features three haunting tracks: a 40+ minute rendition of the ancient chant "This Universe," Kaur's dreamy musical interpretation of "The Lord's Prayer", featuring Raphael and the original version of "Spark in the Night" from FAIRY NIGHT SONGS. The crystalline singing of Kaur continues to be a perfect marriage of grace and controlled emotion, while Stadler's mixture of Celtic instrumentation with fantasy themes provides a peaceful, relaxing backdrop. Includes harp playing from guest artist Lisa Lynne.'
- Music Design In Review


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