The soundtrack for DAS BOOT, Season 2, builds on the musical concept of Season 1 and takes it to the next level. Again we hear cutting edge electronic pulses and textures, many created by Weber on his favorite instrument, the Continuum Fingerboard. There are also  plenty of new orchestral themes for Hoffmann, Forster, von Reinharts, Ehrenberg  and a spooky Bass Flute Theme for Anatole.
On top of that there is a new story line that plays in the booming Jazz world of Harlem. The Jazz influence can be heard in the score, but there also on camera vocal Jazz numbers  (Rochelle Neil) and instrumentals, both classic standards and originals.  To round off the musical rainbow there are two remixes produced and mixed by STARMAN, a producer collective based in Hamburg, Germany.  Mastering by Ludwig Mayer.
Just like in Weber’s new Main Title version for the series, they use parts of the original Doldinger Theme and Weber’s piano theme for Simone.  With the addition of some new sounds they melt everything into a cool Club track.
The HOFFMANN THEME is one of Weber’s new orchestral themes for season 2. The STARMAN producers blend that into a driving Club number incorporating various original elements, the HOFFMANN THEME (Starman Remix).


Discography: Music by Matthias Weber 1