Das Boot (Soundtrack zur TV Serie)
by TV Serie "Das Boot"

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Klaus Doldinger's iconic score and theme gave "Das Boot 1981" an unforgettable musical touch. This legendary theme appears in the new score as fragmented elements, which was all that was needed as an important connection between old and new.

For director Andreas Prochaska it was important that the new story be reflected in the music also. The new series adds a whole new narrative that takes place on land, the story of the French resistance operating in LaRochelle. Strong female characters are being introduced, that were not present in the original version. Musically these new elements had to be taken into account, so there are new themes like Simone's Piano Theme, the Resistance Theme, the Hostages Theme, several emotional main themes like the War Requiem, the Continuum Theme etc. The musical sound world of Das Boot 2018 is a mix of new, custom made sounds and instruments with traditional orchestra recordings performed by the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra in Skopje.

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