Music For Reiki & Meditation
by Shajan

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Journey to the heart of peace and feel the gentle flow of healing energy. On this exquisite new release, Shajan uses beautiful melodies and sensual, serene harmonies of piano, guitar, flute, and keyboards to create a completely calming effect. Any time treatment modalities are combined with soothing sounds, the effect of ‘laying on of hands’ especially during a Reiki treatment, helps the listener to slip into a trance-like state that enhances and promotes the natural healing of the body. Shajan used his knowledge as a Reiki master and has designed these adaptable musical journeys to help people let go of unwanted stress and to ease into a more receptive, peaceful state. Listen, and you will experience the quiet ecstasy of relaxation through his blissful waves of healing music. On Music For Reiki & Meditation spherical sounds lead the listener into the highest dimensions of Reiki-music. Highly recommended also for Yoga, meditation and massage.

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