Garden Of Eden - Music for Reiki & Meditation Vol. 6
by Shajan

CD no.


After his successful album "Spiritual Journey" (2019/20), Reiki master and composer of meditative sounds - Shajan - returns with his new masterpiece "Garden of Eden".

In his latest, very emotional production, Shajan uses many natural instruments, such as all kinds of flutes, kalimba, sitar, wind chimes, hang drums, didgeridoo and guitars, which give "Garden of Eden" even more heart and soul.
The expressive sounds exude a weightless atmosphere full of beauty and unfold a magical and at the same time invigorating aura. Find peace and serenity and become one with the dreamlike sound spheres of Shajan, in our increasingly hectic and chaotic age.
Follow Shajan into a Garden of Eden and experience relaxation music to let go, feel good and recover. "Garden of Eden" is the right music for your next reiki session, yoga exercise, meditation and much more...

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