Höllgrund (Original Filmmusik)
by Filges, Max

CD no.



How do you combine the slapstick, western-style dramaturgy with the thriller setting of the series? What elements and stylistic devices are needed to serve both settings? How does the hell ground world sound and which instrumentalization do you choose? The Black Forest setting was served by a classic instrument of the region: the dulcimer. The dulcimer has its origin in the 15th century and it is hard to imagine Bavarian culture without it until today. The hammered dulcimer can be played in many different ways and thus offers a wide range of intonations. It can be bowed, played with mallets or plucked with fingers. In the course of the work, the idea quickly crystallized to alienate the dulcimer more electronically, the darker and more bizarre the dramaturgy of the series became. Thus, the dulcimer also becomes more and more unrecognizable from episode to episode and thus contributes to the dramaturgical change of the story. Here, violent dark electronic sounds meet a folk instrument and thus form a characteristic Höllgrund world on an auditory level as well. Nevertheless, even in the heavily alienated state of the dulcimer, the Black Forest charm always remains. All titles were composed and produced by Max Filges.

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