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Bavaria Vista Festival Bavaria Vista Festival
For the second time the Bavaria Vista Club is visiting the Weyhalla Read on
3rd album by 'blues blosn' 3rd album by 'blues blosn'
On the new CD "Da Weg" Landshut based "blues blosn" opens opens up new styles of blues, but always based on the traditional Chicago blues. Read on
Third Album Third Album
With "Punkyard Blues" Mostly Harmless release their third album after the debut "Central Intelligence Airlines" (2010) and "Starpunks Coffee" (2013). Recor... Read on
Soundtrack for the ZDF two parter Soundtrack for the ZDF two parter
"Tod im Internat" A film by Torsten C. Fischer. OST from Warner Poland and Wolfgang Glum. Intricate, subtle, multi-layered. Read on

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IRXN 83278 Traunstein, Wirtshausroas
Le-Thanh Ho 13469 Berlin, Wohnzimmerkonzert Festival im Labsaal
Oansno 83278 Traunstein, Festung (Wirtshausroas)
Weiherer 92289 Ursensollen, Kubus
Weiherer 09661 Hainichen, Ratskeller
Weiherer 94032 Passau, ScharfrichterHaus

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About the artists:
Phil Laude

Phil Laude x Lil Trump: "Guns"

CD-Nr. 30725303, MP3-Album

Phil Laude + Lil Trump - Guns (Official video-clip)


Also available at:
Buy Guns at iTunes Amazon.co.uk - Guns Amazon.fr - Guns



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Last Download Release

Last Download Release

About the artists:
Deep Imagination

Deep Imagination: "Wings To Fly"

CD-Nr. 39868643, MP3-Album

On the album "Carefully Kept Secrets" appeared the 17 minutes long track "Wings To Fly". In the press and radio the song was widely praised as the soul of the work. With the EP "Wings To Fly", DEEP IMAGINATION is releasing the single version of the popular track.

In terms of content, "Wings To Fly" is about using one's wings in life for flying. "Atmospheric, Floydian, Cinematic", perhaps no other piece of the solo project of the German electro-musician Thorsten Sudler-Mainz fits better to this claim than "Wings To Fly". Atmospheric electronics with ethereal vocals in combination with driving tribal rhythms and floydian guitars make "Wings To Fly" a fascinating sound experience.

With "Paradise In Space (ep-version)", an impressive 10-minute album medley and the outtake "Watching The Fire", DEEP IMAGINATION concludes its most successful chapter yet with this EP.


Also available at:
Buy Wings To Fly at iTunes Amazon.com - Wings To Fly Amazon.co.uk - Wings To Fly Amazon.fr - Wings To Fly

New: Soundtracks

Michael Klaukien & Andreas Lonardoni: "Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.)"

CD-Nr. 30725272, MP3-Album

Music composed, arranged and produced by Michael Klaukien & Andreas Lonardoni
Performed by "Filmorchester Babelsberg"
Vocals: Filmchor Berlin
Conductor: Lorenz Dangel
Solo-Violine: Torsten Scholz
Solo Cello Werner Klemm
Solo Flute: Laura Schreyer
Guitar: Andreas Lonardoni
Piano: Michael Klaukien
Solo Sopran: Heike Peetz-Glintenkamp


Also available at:
Buy Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.) at iTunes Amazon.com - Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.) Amazon.co.uk - Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.) Amazon.fr - Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.)

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