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Saturday, july, 8th, the next  "Bavaria Vista Club" will take place in Weyarn Read on
Acoustic Project Acoustic Project
After the release of the album "Tanz Auf Dem Bilderberg" in 2012, an idea was born to focus on essential elements of Felsenreich, re-arrange and present the songs in a new musical light. ... Read on
Songs of Leonard Cohen Songs of Leonard Cohen
"Folks play Cohen" do exclusively interpret songs by Leonard Cohen - in their own special way with keyboards, accordeon, acoustic guitar, double bass and three-part singing. The music has... Read on
Silver Dollar Babies LIVE Silver Dollar Babies LIVE
How can American country-rock and an Italian wine festival go together? August the 15th in 2015 there was vino instead of whiskey. The Enoteca Italiana Read on

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Last Download Release

About the artists:
Mergener, Peter

Peter Mergener: "Robotic Instinct"

CD-Nr. 39868622, MP3-Album

Peter Mergener, the musical head of the successful formation software, began experimenting with synthesizers and analogue sequencers at the end of the seventies and discovered his passion for technology and automation.
Over the years, Mergener composed and produced numerous Lp's and Cd's and covered a wide range of topics, from air to space to creation. In this production, he is thinking about his roots and the beauty of Hi-Tec. Robotic Instinct reflects this era of computer and technology, where robots and automation are gaining in importance. The music creates pictures in the head. Robotic Instinct is an excellent choice for movies, robots and automation.

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Buy Robotic Instinct at iTunes Amazon.com - Robotic Instinct Amazon.co.uk - Robotic Instinct Amazon.fr - Robotic Instinct

New: Soundtracks

New: Soundtracks

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O.S.T. Honigfrauen

O.S.T. Honigfrauen: "Honigfrauen (Original Filmmusik)"

CD-Nr. 30725262, MP3-Album

Johannes Brandt (born 1985 in Berlin, "Der Staatsanwalt", "Die Chefin", "Tatort") and Dominik Giesriegl (born 1986 in Vienna, "Im weißen Rössl - wehe du singst", "Nord Nord Mord", "Die Toten von Salzburg") have been working together since their time at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Their work on the score of Honigfrauen resulted in a soundtrack as colourful as the film itself. Bright and graceful Hungarian pieces are followed by dramatic passages of strings. A pulsing atmosphere culminates in an emotional and rich experience of sound. The result is a presentation of contrast that does not lose its central theme. Katrin's and Maja's journey to Lake Balaton is a story told by the soundtrack - a story about freedom, adventure and the joy of life as well as lingering secrets and tragic destinies.

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Buy Honigfrauen (Original Filmmusik) at iTunes Amazon.com - Honigfrauen (Original Filmmusik) Amazon.co.uk - Honigfrauen (Original Filmmusik) Amazon.fr - Honigfrauen (Original Filmmusik)

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