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Soundtrack for the ZDF two parter Soundtrack for the ZDF two parter
"Tod im Internat" A film by Torsten C. Fischer. OST from Warner Poland and Wolfgang Glum. Intricate, subtle, multi-layered. Read on
Second Second "Kurz vor Zwölf" (Just before twelve) - Album
"Write something funny" was the requirement. A great challenge for an Old Bluesman and „Munich Grantler“ (curmudgeon). Its not possible in the virtual and real world today... Read on
Debut album Debut album
The self-titled album by the band Foolswood was recorded in Marcator’s Foolswood Studio in Schalkholz, Dithmarschen, Northern Germany. All songs were written, recorded, produced and mast... Read on
Acoustic Project Acoustic Project
After the release of the album "Tanz Auf Dem Bilderberg" in 2012, an idea was born to focus on essential elements of Felsenreich, re-arrange and present the songs in a new musical light. ... Read on

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Franziska Wanninger 83093 Bad Endorf, Kramerwirt
Zweckinger 86441 Zusmarshausen, Kultur-Stadl Wörleschwang
Franziska Wanninger 91077 Dormitz, Lachnacht
a daneem 83512 Attl/Wasserburg
Schorsch Hampel 81539 München, Rotwand Eins
a daneem 94405 Landau/Isar , Musicafe

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About the artists:

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Last Download Release

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Mergener, Peter

Peter Mergener: "Robotic Instinct"

CD-Nr. 39868622, MP3-Album

Peter Mergener, the musical head of the successful formation software, began experimenting with synthesizers and analogue sequencers at the end of the seventies and discovered his passion for technology and automation.
Over the years, Mergener composed and produced numerous Lp's and Cd's and covered a wide range of topics, from air to space to creation. In this production, he is thinking about his roots and the beauty of Hi-Tec. Robotic Instinct reflects this era of computer and technology, where robots and automation are gaining in importance. The music creates pictures in the head. Robotic Instinct is an excellent choice for movies, robots and automation.


Also available at:
Buy Robotic Instinct at iTunes Amazon.com - Robotic Instinct Amazon.co.uk - Robotic Instinct Amazon.fr - Robotic Instinct

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Christoph Zirngibl: "Angst - Der Feind in meinem Haus (O.S.T.)"

CD-Nr. 30725252, MP3-Album

Original Sundtrack composed by Christoph Zirngibl
Lyric: Dirk Kurbjuweit, spoken by Udo Samel
Music played by  Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg under the direction of Bernhard Wünsch
Guitars: Giacomo Castellano —  Solo-Cello/Drones: Deryn Cullen
Orchestra recorded by Falko Duczmal
Orchestration: Tilo Heinrich, Christoph Zirngibl —  Music Preparation: HEIKO Music
Mixed by Jonathan Feurich —  Mastered by Sven “Samson” Geiger, Neckarklangwerke
ProTools-Preparation: Florian Sonnleitner, Ceslaus “Jazzy” Jentzmyk


Also available at:
Buy Angst - Der Feind in meinem Haus (O.S.T.) at iTunes Amazon.com - Angst - Der Feind in meinem Haus (O.S.T.) Amazon.co.uk - Angst - Der Feind in meinem Haus (O.S.T.) Amazon.fr - Angst - Der Feind in meinem Haus (O.S.T.)

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