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Third Album Third Album
With "Punkyard Blues" Mostly Harmless release their third album after the debut "Central Intelligence Airlines" (2010) and "Starpunks Coffee" (2013). Recor... Read on
Soundtrack for the ZDF two parter Soundtrack for the ZDF two parter
"Tod im Internat" A film by Torsten C. Fischer. OST from Warner Poland and Wolfgang Glum. Intricate, subtle, multi-layered. Read on
Second Second "Kurz vor Zwölf" (Just before twelve) - Album
"Write something funny" was the requirement. A great challenge for an Old Bluesman and „Munich Grantler“ (curmudgeon). Its not possible in the virtual and real world today... Read on
Debut album Debut album
The self-titled album by the band Foolswood was recorded in Marcator’s Foolswood Studio in Schalkholz, Dithmarschen, Northern Germany. All songs were written, recorded, produced and mast... Read on

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Winfried Bode 51371 Leverkusen, Jraaduss
Tibetréa 80333 München, Wittelsbacher Weihnachtsmarkt
Franziska Wanninger 86551 Obermauerbach, Canada
Oansno 80336 München, Winter Tollwood
Le-Thanh Ho 23923 Selmsdorf, Bücherei
Oansno 85049 Ingolstadt, Altstadttheater

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About the artists:
Yung Larry

Larry, Yung: "Lauch"

CD-Nr. 30725293, MP3-Album

YUNG LARRY - LAUCH (Official video-clip)


Also available at:
Buy Lauch at iTunes Amazon.com - Lauch Amazon.co.uk - Lauch Amazon.fr - Lauch



About the artists:

IRXN: "Giasing - dreggad und oid"

CD-Nr. 30702053, MP3-Album

Giesing is one of the most original Munich districts, which has a very special flair, especially in the 70s and 80s. This uniqueness the FolkRockers of IRXN express with their new song "Giasing • dreggad und oid" (Giesing • dirty & old). A tribute to Giesing, his inhabitants and of course the soccerteam of the TSV 1860 Munich. Together with the single a video of the same name will see its release.


Also available at:
Buy Giasing - dreggad und oid at iTunes Amazon.com - Giasing - dreggad und oid Amazon.co.uk - Giasing - dreggad und oid Amazon.fr - Giasing - dreggad und oid

Last Download Release

Last Download Release

About the artists:
Deep Imagination

Deep Imagination: "Carefully Kept Secrets"

CD-Nr. 39868602, MP3-Album

"Carefully Kept Secrets" is the fourth album of DEEP IMAGINATION, the solo project of Art Of Infinity founder Thorsten Sudler-Mainz. In terms of content, it is about our dreams, the preservation of secrets and the search for solutions that everyone has to find for himself. Amongst others Ann Kareen Mainz (vocals), Günter Kaufmann (guitars) and US percussionist Byron Metcalf feature as guests.

The result is an ambient production, spiced with Pink Floydian elements and ethereal choir, with which DEEP IMAGINATION takes its sound to a new, complex level.


Also available at:
Buy Carefully Kept Secrets at iTunes Amazon.com - Carefully Kept Secrets Amazon.co.uk - Carefully Kept Secrets Amazon.fr - Carefully Kept Secrets

New: Soundtracks

Michael Klaukien & Andreas Lonardoni: "Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.)"

CD-Nr. 30725272, MP3-Album

Music composed, arranged and produced by Michael Klaukien & Andreas Lonardoni
Performed by "Filmorchester Babelsberg"
Vocals: Filmchor Berlin
Conductor: Lorenz Dangel
Solo-Violine: Torsten Scholz
Solo Cello Werner Klemm
Solo Flute: Laura Schreyer
Guitar: Andreas Lonardoni
Piano: Michael Klaukien
Solo Sopran: Heike Peetz-Glintenkamp


Also available at:
Buy Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.) at iTunes Amazon.com - Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.) Amazon.co.uk - Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.) Amazon.fr - Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (O.S.T.)

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