Höllgrund is a 2022 drama by Marc O. Seng starring Lou Strenger and August Wittgenstein.
In the crime thriller Höllgrund, a small village in the Black Forest is haunted by a gruesome series of murders. Despite all warnings, village policewoman Tanja sets out on her own to hunt down the murderers, and she must find out what charming country doctor Fabian has to do with the murders.
The creator of the series is Marc O. Seng, who wrote the scripts together with Maike Rasch, and Lea Becker and Hanno Olderdissen were the directors. The film music was composed by Max Filges. Lou Strenger plays Tanja, the police officer who never lets up. August Wittgenstein is seen as the new country doctor Fabian, Heiner Lauterbach as his all too suddenly deceased predecessor. The ensemble also includes Alissa Atanassova, Nicki von Tempelhoff, Ulrike C. Tscharre, Andreas Anke, Guido Renner and Michaela Caspar.

Discography: Music by Max Filges 1