by Lakshmi, Jaya

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Jaya Lakshmi's 'Radiance' Shines

Oregon's Jaya Lakshmi's effervescent, yet relaxing, music for the human spirit is a very moving exploration of inner peace, beauty, and transcendence. Each song is unique and incorporates Jaya's serene vocals. The addition of the Celtic flute, Spanish guitar, sarod, cello, keyboards, Bansuri flute, and other elements make Radiance a truly enjoyable listening experience. The instrumental interludes and segues provides an added, therapeutic sensation. The tranquil, yet melodious musical structures, is perfect for yoga, relaxing, or a world music party. "Sita Ram" is a particularly beautiful and catchy tune that should not be missed. The music does not fit any one category of world music, but it draws upon Central and South Asian musical traditions, while infusing vocal arrangements similar to contemporary bands from Scandinavia, and even a slight nod to the band Enigma. In summary, Jaya's Radiance shines beyond borders. Produced by Steve Gordon, features top-notch global guest artists and is very acoustic, intimate and serene. Jaya is joined by Deva Priyo (Lost at Last) on Spanish guitar and sarod, Vince McClellan on bansuri, Native American and Celtic flutes and Nishya Calkin-Godfrey on cello. Lakshmi's song writing on Radiance is her best yet, with many beautiful melodies that will leave you with a tranquil glow. Lakshmi sings with the deep inner peace that comes from many years of leading kirtans in yoga studios and concerts throughout the country. Refresh your spirit - relax and nourish your soul with soothing mantra music that has a Celtic folk flavor.

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