Tote trauern nicht - Spreewaldkrimi
by Ralf Wienrich

CD no.


Little Marie climbs into a fish crate and closes the lid over herself. "No one will find us here!" she whispers. Chris, the likeable stranger, has accepted her birthday invitation, and now the two are playing hide-and-seek. We as viewers already know what happens next. While Chris and Marie's mother Jasmin unexpectedly slip into an affair, a wooden splinter breaks on the suspension of the fatal fish box. The box comes loose, falls into the Spreewald canal and turns into a deadly trap for Marie.

This key scene in "Spreewaldkrimi - Tote trauern nicht" is the starting point for a story about a mother's desperation, which becomes so hopeless that it ultimately leads to revenge and madness. The only ray of hope remains Inspector Krüger, who finally manages to live with his grief for Marlene.
With a lullaby sung by Sophie Lutz, the music tries again and again to find its way back into Marie's childlike, carefree world, the time before a brittle wooden cotter pin destroyed the little family's life. It is more a matter of creating the greatest possible contrast with what we see and suspect than of musically tracing the tragedy.
For those interested, the first score version of that very key scene (“Todestag") is available as a bonus track. Unlike the final version, the music here already reveals more of what will happen at the end of the scene.

Voices: Sophie Lutz (2/9/12/14/18/23/24), Julia Kubiczek (8/11/15/18/21/24)
Guitar: Titus Wolfe (10/16)
Piano, Recording & Mix: Ralf Wienrich

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Discography: Music by O.S.T. Spreewaldkrimi, Ralf Wienrich 2