Zum Sterben schön
by Zöllner, Rubini

CD no.


A poetic romance between pop ballad and chanson, sung by the singer Rubini Zöllner, who is well known for her musical performances
The german lyrics are written by Helga Dost, who has already enriched numerous songs of different artists with her metaphorical lyrics. Rüdiger Gleisberg and Gerold Kukulenz are responsible for the composition. They have already written two soulful ballads for the American jazz singer Victoria Horne. In addition to numerous solo albums, on which he presents his unmistakable symphonic style, Gleisberg has written several film scores for TV and cinema productions.  The exceptional singer Rubini Zöllner was last seen in the leading role of the musical 'Mogli'. "Zum Sterben schön" is a funky declaration of love over moving dreamy sounds.

Cello: Martin Harbecke , Recorded and mixed by Matthias Reznik, graphics: Martina Grünewald , Photo: Sven Nordmann

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