He is one of the true greats of Germany‘s post-war movie- and music-scene: Enjott Schneider, creator of the scores and soundtracks to movie classics such as “Schlafes Bruder”, “Herbstmilch” or “Die Flucht” is also one of the most versatile and prolific contemporary music composers, with seven operas, countless orchestra- and chamber music pieces under his belt. Since 1979 he is a professor at the prestigious Munich Music Academy, and has made himself also a name as a knowledgeable book author (on New Music and Movie Soundtracks).
Born in 1950 Schneider has received numerous national and international awards, among them an Emmy award in 2005 in New York for best documentary (“Das Drama von Desden”) and the Fipa d’Or in Biarritz in 2001 for “Europes Best Soundtrack Work” (for his music to “Jahrestage” by Margarethe von Trotta).
Schneiders music is very elegantly composed but also full of strong imagery and extremely emotional. He is a great creator of melodies, and also a master of colourful arrangements.
As he confesses himself, to explore the relationship between pictures and music again and again has become a kind of drug for him. So over the years he has written about 500 scores – the most beautiful of these are now compiled on this double cd: A great treasure for all lovers of cinema and music!

Discography: Music by Enjott Schneider 1