In this his 13th year in Seville, Bernd Voss has put together this fine collection of musical collaborations with players and bands from the region he has worked during his time in the Andalusian capital . ZARANDA is a band formed by Jose Antonio Rodriguez (flamenco guitar player who otherwise plays with Alejandro Sanz). The band includes Manuel Marvizo?n (Sevilla based producer widely known for his Semana Santa compositions and countless Sevillana productions with Ecos del Rocio, Cantores de Hispalis...) and Bernd Voss. FANDANGO is a meeting of 2 cultures and combines the flamenco fusion playing of Luis Moreno (of the band Alameda , one of the most influencial flamenco fusion bands of the 80s) and Voss. The flamenco guitar playing on this project features Manolo Franco who is among the very best and purest Flamenco guitars playing today. TONEFABRIC is an electronic nujazz project influenced by the Cafe? del Mar and Tarifa chill styles. Bernd is joined here by DJ Ismael Venegas. MIRAS&VOSS features Alberto Miras on flamenco piano. Both he and Voss have played together on many live and studio productions. They are also currently members of the band Valderrama. There are also 3 tracks that showcase the new solo project by Bernd Voss: “en tus casas”, acoustic guitar compositions by him and inspired by the Andalusian landscape and the moods it creates. This innovative and soon to be released CD will also contain poems by Jesus Dominguez thus fusing music and poetry. The bonus track by the Voss& Alvarado guitar duo is a live recording, taken from the 2008 “Noches en los jardines de la Real Alcazar” festival.

Discography: Music by Somar Music (Bernd Voss) 1