"The ABM Orchestra (ABM = Attler Bunte Mischung)
At the end of 2001 Werner Steinmüller and Ben Leinenbach founded the ABM Orchestra of the Attl. What was new at that time was that ten mentally handicapped people and five caregivers made music together. The first rehearsal took place in January 2002.
The success did not stay away. Fifteen performances in the first year were followed by over 300 more to this day, including at the Special Olympics in Inzell and Munich, in Austria and Germany, as support band for Claudia Koreck and LaBrassBanda. In 2004 the first Maxi-CD "ABM-Orchestra" with five titles was released and only two years later the next one with the characteristic title "Ned aufreng". With a broad repertoire ranging from traditional sailor songs to folk rock, pop ballad, rock'n'roll and reggae, it already had a wide range of repertoire at that time. All song texts have already been translated into Bavarian.
The ABM-Orchestra 2011 was awarded by an expert jury around pop singer Guildo Horn as one of the 10 best integrative bands in Germany. Besides the original songs and the amazing skills of the musicians, it is above all the great joy of playing that inevitably carries the audience away.
In April 2012 the third CD entitled "satt." was finally released, for the first time exclusively with original compositions, which stylistically moved from African music to ballads, blues, rock and reggae to ska. Of course we remained true to the Bavarian dialect.
Songs from the last CD were heard by a wide audience through various radio broadcasts (Bayern3-Newcomer-Show, Bayern 1, FM4, Radio Charivari, Radio Regenbogen). The silver disc sold well over 1000 copies. Stofferl Well brought the ABM Orchestra for a performance on Bavarian Television (Stofferl Wells Bayern). In December 2020 the ABM-Orchestra will finally release "Anders", the fourth CD with nine new songs of the band".

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