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Artist portrait of ABAK Projekt

The ABAK Projekt is a still very young project founded by guitarist and music designer Andreas Krause in 2007. Krause had made himself a name as a guitarist in the Berlin club scene since the mid-eighties and over the years found himself a very personal sound on electric as well as acoustic guitars. His unmistakable style of playing is the sonic trademark of ABAK Projekt. The guitars are mixed with electronic sounds and synthetic orchestral instrumentsthis all results in an outstanding sound experience totally unique to ABAK Projekt.


Since September 2008 Annett Böhnisch complements the sound of ABAK project with her acoustic guitar and enhances it with her highly imaginative arrangements .


Early in 2009 Krause and Böhnisch developed the idea to set lyrics of ancient German poets to music. Thus ABAK Projekts save these wonderful poems from oblivion by presenting them to a broad audience within a contemporary context. Poets as Ludwig Uhland, Joseph von Eichendorff or Arno Holz, titans of literature as Friedrich Schiller, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or Heinrich Heine are honoured on this CD. To listen to the music of ABAK Projekt means to experience calm and serenity and to spiritually dive into a long forgotten ancient world.


Albums of ABAK Projekt

1. Aufbruch by ABAK Projekt Aufbruch (CD-No.: 398.9818.2)
by ABAK Projekt

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2. Brief an Emilie by ABAK Projekt Brief an Emilie (CD-No.: 307.9818.3)
by ABAK Projekt

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ABAK Projekt - Live in concert

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