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Artist portrait of Punchers Plant


This band is about passion for hard yet melodic music, lyrics with a strong message that connect to our generation, and a deep-rooted interest in inspiring art in general. For us, it’s not only about creating and performing music. On our records and live shows, we want to share an emotional experience with our audience and build a strong connection.

Our friendship is the driving force behind all the work we put into this band. We started out in 2005, released our debut album “State of Fear” (2008), a free EP called “Homesick” (2010) and played more than 200 live shows across Europe. “How to escape” is now our second full-length album and therefor another milestone in our band's history.



Andy - Guitar & Vocals, Jasper - Drums, Phil - Guitar & Vocals, Philip - Vocals, Beni - Bass


Albums of Punchers Plant

1. How To Escape by Punchers Plant How To Escape (CD-No.: 307.2258.2)
by Punchers Plant

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2. State Of Fear by Punchers Plant State Of Fear (CD-No.: 307.0056.2)
by Punchers Plant

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Punchers Plant - Live in concert

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