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Artist portrait of Blues Lick


Lick, singer and songwriter, has managed to give an ideal background to his songs, sung in bavarian dialect, with his down to earth band Blues Lick. Deeply rooted in ryhthm`n blues the quartett from Ingolstadt plays genuine and rugged songs in which the bavarian blues minstrel plays the guitar and sings with his smokey voice.

Lick picks up topics from daily life and mirrors the normal madness of daily routine which most of us encounter. He tells about the small and big tragedies of daily life cleverly wraped in parodies and in his bavarian bluesy stories he deals with thought provoking topics in his unique fitting way.



Albums of Blues Lick

1. Da Deifesweg by Blues Lick Da Deifesweg (CD-No.: 307.0074.2)
by Blues Lick

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2. Frankensteins Jünger by Blues Lick Frankensteins Jünger (CD-No.: 307.0050.2)
by Blues Lick

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3. Sekt und wuide Weiber by Blues Lick Sekt und wuide Weiber (CD-No.: 307.0048.2)
by Blues Lick

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Blues Lick - Live in concert

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