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Artist portrait of muc3

Portrait of muc3

After a summer night celebrated together, the three musicians decided to go new musical ways together with a minimalistic line-up. The first muc³ typical songs developed quickly from the night-long sessions.
To the single "Danke": Their latest work entitled "Danke" is a socio-critical illumination of excessive consumption in all possible areas of our lives. A profound, black humorous portrayal of our western way of life, which again and again disregards reasonable sustainable actions without regard to losses and thus determines the fate of mankind. In their unique way, they reveal the sell-out of values in favour of capital and human greed. Do you want something more? - No thanks!


Albums of muc3

1. Danke by muc3 Danke (CD-No.: 307.0215.3)
by muc3

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2. il Papa by muc3 il Papa (CD-No.: 307.0210.3)
by muc3

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muc3 - Live in concert

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