Apart from playing in bands (‘Z’ and Curtis in Memphis) and recording solo instrumental CDs for the Prudence label Marcator developed a solo live programme as a singer/songwriter with songs he had written since 1980.
This solo programme turned into a band project with musicians he had played with before (Werner Johannsen, bass and Peter Müller, drums).
Since November 2016 the band worked in Marcator’s studio for 6 months to record their first album. A backing vocalist was required for most songs and so Ariane Templin, an accomplished, highly experienced, singer joined the band.
Foolswood play their own material in English and German with topical, political and poetic lyrics. The music is influenced by a variety of styles encompassing elements of folk, rock, blues and pop. Marcator’s individual and extraordinary vocal style gives the band an original flavour.

Discography: Music by Foolswood 2