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Artist portrait of Tim Peltzer

Portrait of Tim Peltzer

When you look at Tim Peltzer, you wouldn’t think that this guy once sang for the Tölzer Knabenchor or the Bavarian Opera, but these where Tim’s first steps. Also his name might sound familiar: at the age of 14 he was a finalist candidate for “The voice kids”.  With his extraordinary fashion style and incredible voice, he enchanted Millions of people. After that he worked together with Berlin Producer Phillip Röder (Copilco Productions). His first Song “Silver Linings” which he released in 2014, was popular among his fans and was played on Radio stations and Blogs. In 2016 he released “Black Halo”, his first song with a self-made music video. Especially in Russia and Turkey it gained a lot of attention.

Tim Peltzer´s Youtube-Channel has reached 130.000 views so far. Even though Tim had to deal with a lot of stress working for his Abitur, 2016 and 2017 involved many long recording Sessions for his third single “Gold in the Dirt”. Together with VIMSFILM he also filmed the music video for the song. After many weeks of hard work and fun, “Gold in the Dirt” turned out to be Tim’s biggest project. 

Since the beginning of his career Tim, who is now 19 years old, has developed a better sense for music and has taught himself how to use music-production-software to compose songs. Throughout his development, he has experimented with various music genres. For Tim the most influential genre is RnB, and artists such as The Weeknd, Spooky Black or Jessie Reyez are his source of inspiration. As his music sounds more and more mature, Tim also shows his versatility in his constantly evolving fashion style.


Albums of Tim Peltzer

1. Gold In The Dirt by Tim Peltzer Gold In The Dirt (CD-No.: 307.2276.3)
by Tim Peltzer

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2. Black Halo by Tim Peltzer Black Halo (CD-No.: 307.2273.3)
by Tim Peltzer

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3. Silver Linings by Tim Peltzer Silver Linings (CD-No.: 307.2262.3)
by Tim Peltzer

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Tim Peltzer - Live in concert

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