Long before the new Bavarian Heimatsound wave, before La Brass Banda and Claudia Koreck,  "Weißwurscht is" brought their very own style of music, their idiosyncratic Bavarian-German, positive-social-critical lyrics to the people in an eye-twittering and cabaret style. For 22 years now, "Weißwurscht is" have been radiating Bavarian charm coupled with a declaration of love to the world and unbridled energy of life. The combo around the front men Rodscha aus Kambodscha and Tom Palme has always brought their idiosyncratic Bavarian-German, positive-social-critical texts to the people in an eye-twittering and cabaret manner. With this mixture and a colourful stage show the 8 musicians transform every concert into a huge dance party. The newspaper " Süddeutsche Zeitung" once wrote that "Weißwurscht is" should be prescribed against listlessness and depression. And the lyrics of "Weißwurscht is" are more topical than ever. The songs are about love, peace, freedom, environmental pollution, everyday things and social injustices.

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