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Artist portrait of Garden Gang

A high energy glam punk rock feast! Hailing from deepest Bavaria, the band's musical influences nevertheless stretch around the world, ranging from American '50's rock'n'roll, through to the English beat groups of the '60's, and on up '70's punk and the new wave of the early '80's - all these styles fusing together to create something totally original. Lyrics focus on money, spending and power, yet they're delivered in football-anthem style.
Garden Gang give 1977 punk the overhaul that it's due, but stay true to the essence. At the trad end of the spectrum, there's plenty of reference to the Sex Pistols, on the glam side, surprising elements of The Dickies and the early years of Adam and the Ants. Catchy and anthemic music that never loses the sense of danger, chords pitched to resonate your sternum.
 No strangers to the European live circuit, in the last couple of years Garden Gang have played more than 500 club gigs and festivals in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, UK, Poland, Spain and Switzerland together with The Vibrators, The Boys, The Undertones, The Damned, The Lurkers, 999 as well as regular touring partner TV Smith from The Adverts, who also contributes backing vocals to the new album.

New Line Up 2018:

PamP – Lead Vocal
Ann Dee – Backing Vocal
Peter – Guitar
Andi Social – Bass
Nelly – Drums


Albums of Garden Gang

1. Middle Class Symphony by Garden Gang Middle Class Symphony (CD-No.: 307.2272.2)
by Garden Gang

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2. There Ain't No Better Place by Garden Gang There Ain't No Better Place (CD-No.: 307.0072.3)
by Garden Gang

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3. Licence To Live by Garden Gang Licence To Live (CD-No.: 307.0071.3)
by Garden Gang

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4. Backstair Revolution by Garden Gang Backstair Revolution (CD-No.: 307.0071.2)
by Garden Gang

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5. Follow The Trend by Garden Gang Follow The Trend (CD-No.: 307.0069.4)
by Garden Gang

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Garden Gang - Live in concert

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Middle Class Symphony

Schauspielhaus Sputnik, 86150 Augsburg
Duke of Wellington, UK Shoreham by Sea
Trillions, UK Newcastle
Nice N Sleazy Festival, UK Morecambe
Museum Vaults, UK Sunderland
Swinging Prien Festival, 83209 Prien

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