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Artist portrait of Sangit

Portrait of Sangit

Sangit, aka Björn Both, was born in Northern Germany. He grew up in a musical household. While his friends spent their first money on a motorcycle, young Björn bought his first guitar. After an apprenticeship as a bass player in various combos his first serious band became the Late September Dogs in 1990. It took them four years until they recorded their first album C`est la vie no more. Six more CDs were released until 2003. After the first album he concentrated his stage work on vocals and played the guitar, a logical choice since he wrote his songs on this instrument. After 1996 the band developed from album to album and expanded their live circuit considerably, playing all over Germany and in several other European countries. They left their mark on many important festivals. In 2004 the band came to a sudden end after a final CD ‘Rush’.
Apart from LSD Sangit recorded with other bands and worked as a guest singer in various projects (Evolution – Marcator Project, Cimbria-1883 – BMP). Since the middle of the nineties Both, now known as Sangit, came into contact with the Psy-Trance scene. He founded the project Pulseflow. The title Freakquency found its way into the cinema (Vaya con dios) and on a few samplers. After the split of LSD and a few private misfortunes he went into hiding and started working with children and going back to an elementary lifestyle which brought about a change towards a mature outlook on life. During this perod gradually new songs came into being and he slowly emerged from his reclusive life. In 2007 he got to know his current musical partner, the guitarist Michael Kelmer, who was a perfect choice for his new songs. He played live again and started the band Greatwide which toured successfully but disbanded before an album was finished. Instead Sangit released the third Pulseflow CD Vibemares in 2009, a mix of Psytrance, rock and electronica.
In 2010, after the demise of Greatwide, he concentrated on playing solo concerts and started recording his new songs in his modest home studio. He played all the instruments himself. Shortly before a private release he came into contact with BSC – music and so with the new CD Where the Thundergiants sleep Sangit has got a label and a distribution and the sky is wide open again.


Albums of Sangit

1. Where The Thundergiants Sleep by Sangit Where The Thundergiants Sleep (CD-No.: 307.2245.2)
by Sangit

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Sangit - Live in concert

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