Ultra | Violet
by Marlowe, Gary

CD no.


Gary Marlowe, nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Award 2012 and  co-composer with Moby and Nine Inch Nails for the UNESCO series “Inside the Stones”, presents a very carefully selected collection of his best film scores.
Emotional music in uncompromising, state-of-the-art quality is what this extraordinary talent stands for. With his unique mix of very intimate live instruments, cutting edge sound design and elegant orchestra parts, gary marlowe is consequently pursuing his very own vision of music in the international film scene.
A treat, even for the most sophisticated ears, is the quality of the recordings, all produced by gary marlowe himself. The final mastering of the album was done at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.
The tracklist features 30 works, from thrillers like the highly acclaimed “Soundless”, or the Linda Howard novel adaptation “Cry No More”, as well as the award-winning score from the Canadian/Argentinian “A Place Called Los Pereyra” and a bonus track by gary marlowe´s own band, spleen.
Fans may discover an additional, hidden track with a historic live recording of a film score Oscar winner performing one of Marlowe´s compositions. The audio restauration was done by Prince´s long time personal engineer, H.M. Buff.

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