Ferien mit Graus & Schmaus
by OM

CD no.


"Ferien mit Graus und Schmaus" - The new Munich children's and youth book with the "Kastelburg-G'schichten" and the extra cookery-book is now also available as an audiobook: Humorously set to music by the Munich actor, comedian and author Moses Wolff and spiced with lively lyrics by Berni Maisberger, the Munich folk rock singer from the group "Irxn", who also produced the music together with the music producer and bass player Jens Ohly: An original feast for the ears, garnished and served mouth to mouth by the chef of the Kastelburg, Maximilian Bamberger alias Johann Barsy, the real Munich cook and author of the exciting children's holiday story ... enjoy the earworms!

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