by Biewald, Horst

CD no.


This Chiemgaureggae single with its unique jodel-refrain was already publicized in 2008 as a demo-version with Fendrich, Ambros and others together with the Sony Sampler Alpenpower II and the dialect sampler Hart and Zart II (hard and gentle). Horst Biewald won second price in the summer 2010 ORF-Schnabl-Competition in Voralberg with this song. The price included a radio grade no. 1 recording of the Chiemgaureggae single, which the ORF played at least once daily for month. Horst Biewald plays live once again at the Schnabl Competition on the 06. May 2011. A number of radio stations have expressed interest to include this potential summer hit into their program. For this reason the song has now been released on single. The second track is the 2008 version, which was recorded for the debut album “Boarisch Groove”. The contrast between these two productions is particularly charming.

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