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by LustfingeR

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40th anniversary album

They've experienced a lot, scored a few hits, toured Europe, the USA and Japan, have always been uncomfortable, honest and direct, and it's hard to imagine the scene without them even 41 years after the band was founded: LustfingeR, the Munich cult band that has come a long way since 1981. LustfingeR have simply titled their new, 12th studio album themselves, which can definitely be understood as a statement, because this time again the South German (punk) rockers are 100% what they say on the cover. The guys around band founder and frontman Tom Fock have always stood for sing-along, self-ironic, meaningful, humorous and anthemic songs with catchy tune character, which they have achieved in the past with many albums, EPs or singles, EP's or singles such as "Bitte lieber Staatsanwalt" and "Heilig" (2007) not only throughout Europe and curiously, despite German lyrics, especially in the U.S. full concert halls on tours with the Toy Dolls, The Pogues or the legendary Ramones and bucketfuls of radio appearances brought them. On their new album "LustfingeR", the Munich lads have packed 13 tracks, which range from downbeat numbers like "Auf Los geht's Los" or "Steh auf und tanz"

to self-reflective midtempo songs ("Es war 'ne geile Zeit", Wir waren Träumer") to biting social criticism ("Lügen Garantie", "Alles ist besser") cover the whole musical spectrum for which LustfingeR are appreciated and loved - and with which they have also been offended a time or two, as befits a troupe that comes from the 80s punk scene. With the jack-of-all-trades Jean Beauvoir (a.o. Voodoo X, Crown Of Thorns, Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul) , the former bass player of the punk band Plasmatics around the scandalous singer Wendy O' Williams, LustfingeR also got a befitting musical guest in the studio, LustfingeR have also brought in a befitting musical guest, who has contributed the Ramones classic "My Head is Hanging Upside Down", which he composed, and also performs an English version ("Walk Into The Fire") of the album highlight, the soulful, catchy ballad "Durch's Feuer geh'n". With "LustfingeR", the rock band of the same name proves that they may have mellowed a bit with age, but have by no means lost their bite, humor and talent for writing first-class songs. With successful producer Jörg "Warthy" Wartmann (Eisbrecher, Unheilig, among others) at the controls, LustfingeR have presented another musical masterpiece: pure and unadulterated, like a Bavarian beer

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