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Pop, Soul, Rock, Latin and Funk

Pop, Soul, Rock, Latin and Funk Real Lifetime
Living Tones

CD-No. 30726102
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About the artists:
Living Tones

On the CD "Real Lifetime", the Band Living Tones take a little journey with positive and authentic Indie-Pop songs. The long-term experience of songwriter Marcus Schmitt, who wrote songs for bands like "Gentle Dolphins" and "Funky Tides", makes itself noticeable in the songs on this album. The well-balanced and skillful music and text blend into a homogenous whole. Living Tones have found their own style and on their new CD, "Real Lifetime", they present a multifaceted range of work. The lyrics deal with relevant individual and social themes. Subtle imagery referring to life experiences, closeness to nature, and philosophical worlds of thought meet an essence sounding like Pop that is enriched with Rock, Jazz and elements of Funk. Here, songs like "Real Lifetime", "Beautiful Sunshine" and "Shambala" convey a stirring lightness and serenity. In the ballad, "Moment Of Surprise", Living Tones interpret the cool, glistening light of a full moon night. In the German Rock song, "Hier & Jetzt", a universal, infinite plane is described, which contrasts with the relatively short phase of a human life. Altogether, the songs express a clear message for freedom and peace in times of growing unrest.

The guitarist Marcus Schmitt, Andreas Urich on bass, who has played with "Matata" (Afro Funk) and "Die Schweine", Michael Girtner on percussion, und Franky Sellmeier, create the relaxed, groovy thread. The expressive singer Marisa de Stefanow has cooperated with Lavina Williams, who is very well-known in New Zealand, Australia und Polynesia, and with Gottfried Böttger. The classically trained violinist Alexander Sabo played acoustic Latin with the Italo-Pop composer Bruno Ferrarra in the band "Cocoband". He is the bandleader and violinist of "Hot Club Dachau" (Gypsy Jazz), of which he is also a guitarist and singer. Also on the album, the unmistakable soulful voice of the singer Petra Derwart, who has sung with "Faktor 40", "Gentle Dolphins" und "Funky Tides". In 2016, four years after the band Living Tones was founded, they received nine awards from the Akademia in Los Angeles for songs on their first CD, "Inspirations". The Pop-ballad, "Moment Of Surprise", has already been nominated for a further international award in 2018.


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