by Voss, Bernd

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TONEFABRIC appears on the scene when guitarist Bernd Voss and  programmer and DJ Ismael Venegas get together to develop a  project that merges the very latest electronic sounds with innovative acoustic and electric guitar playing. Each new track is born with the sole intention of creating vanguard music that evolves from the musical influences for which both musicians are widely known. From Rock to Latin and from Techno to Blues, everything is converted into elegant guitars floating over contemporary urban electronic backings. BERND VOSS, top studio guitar player from Germany now living in Spain, has dedicated himself to the search of new experimental sounds. His musical experience gives the project the necessary structure to harness the surging ideas in TONEFABRIC’s music.  In contrast, ISMAEL VENEGAS’s contribution to the project is his experience as a successful DJ, producer and programmer. The electronic elements found in TONEFABRIC’s music are his .  For there first record they have collaborated with one of the most promising voices on the Spanish music scene. PAUL AKA SINCLAIR is responsible for writing and singing/rapping the lyrics on TONEFABRIC.  In this album you can find songs ranging from trip hop to the most elegant deep house as well as lounge sounds.

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