So Ham
by Tya feat. Na'miah

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Tya (Martin Scherl) and Na'miah (Tanja Jochum) met a few years ago through other musicians.Both got along very well musically and so a common project was born, which is now called album 'Tya feat.Na'miah - So Ham' is present.

The intention of the album and the process of its creation were accompanied and shaped by the processing of personal grief experiences.The attempt to implement these positively and creatively has helped to overcome grief and transform it into positive, energizing energies.Mantras, as a kind of prayers or formulated desires for mind and soul, help to make inner peace, to calm and to give hope and confidence new space again.After 'So Ham', Tya consistently follows his musical and tonal orientation towards modern world music.A crossover of natural instrumentation and sounds, which repeatedly produce associations of the most diverse musical-geographical origins, and discreetly echoing modern, electronic elements.Rhythmically, percussively multifaceted, but not too dominant, the pieces on 'So Ham' develop a meditative character that can be interpreted both stimulatingly and calmingly. Together, Tya and Na'miah have given the individual pieces tonal moods and colours that go far beyond reciting mantras.Harmony- and melody-oriented, the pieces follow song structures rather than a trance, and unfold varied and emotional radiance."We are happy and very grateful that we managed to finish such a personal album with 'So Ham' and for the energy and joy we felt during its creation. May it touch people as it touches us...".PEACE.

Tya & Na'miah

All songs written, produced and mixed by Martin Scherl.
All instruments, drums, recordings and programming by Martin Scherl.
All voices by Tanja Jochum. Additional voices by Martin Scherl.
Mastering by Ron Rauscher

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Tya feat. Na'miah - So Ham

So Ham

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