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"An echo is a reflection of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound.", Wikipedia describes. For his fourth album Martin Scherl has chosen the title "Echoes" because his music is also a reflection of feelings or expression of certain moods. These echoes resound in his tracks and they become to own themes and songs and own auditory events. Scherls emotions form the basis for his compositions and he draws inspiration and creativity. As an artist, "Echoes" is an attempt to send echoes or emotions musically to reach people, to touch them or to communicate. His desire is to let people participate in the love and energy that he learns as an artist and musician. His intention is always directed to send positive energy, even though, or perhaps because some songs between melancholy and cheerfulness or somber and bright sound patterns change - as well as alternate positive and less positive feelings in life. Basically Scherls mood is life-affirming - his pieces reflect this vitality. He pursued his project Tya a world music approach, in which he combines musical and sonic elements of different cultures. In addition to traditional sounds, the voices or rhythms Scherl used like modern electronic elements. As result you can hear Asian as well as African influences, which are skilfully linked to an electronic beat. Scherl makes use of the vast repertoire of world music - but always combining this into an independent mix of traditional motifs with electronic melodies. So the songs should be understood as echoes across time and space and they transport vibrations and moods and gain access to people - whether consciously or unconsciously. The musicians from Nuremberg took time for his new album: Eight years after his third album "Atma" now "Echoes" will see its release. Scherl has discarded many ideas, he restarted or recorded many songs but now you can hear the unmistakable sound of Tya and you are able to discover so many new things on his new album.

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