Patience And Luck
by Ananda

CD no.


These days, most contemporary chill out and meditation music is generated using technology and the computer. Not so with "Ananda", the stunning new project of Manuel Rodriguez. Using multiple instruments, Manu combines real life tones and sounds of nature with recordings of his live playing in a most unique way. The songs are moving and characterized by the hypnotic melodies of acoustic and electric guitars. Other instruments he uses include the cello, flute, uilleann pipes and french horn. And all this is supported by mesmerizing rhythms, sometimes calm, sometimes pulsating. The album is titled "Patience and Luck" and includes 14 tracks that offer the listener interesting and ideal accompaniment to meditation, relaxation and rest. Simply put, this is music to enjoy and give joy.

The word Ananda means "absence of misfortune". The album combines harmoniously eastern moods with western-influenced richness of tone. This combination results in music that can be used to enhance the exploration of pure spirituality, but is also fitting for energizing chill out sessions. The music of Ananda reaches not only the ear, but goes straight to the heart and touches the soul.

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