Deep Healing Elements
by Shajan

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“Elements” is the long awaited new healing album by internationally well-known recording artist and Reiki-Master Shajan, the winner of the 2003 COVR Best Meditation/Healing Music award.
Ambient sounds with subtle melodies make the compositions perfect for healing arts, meditation and deep relaxation. It’s easy to relax with Shajan’s serene melodies, tranquil atmospheres and the pure sound of nature.
The musical journey throught the four elements (fire, water, earth & air) creates an enhanced and elevated state of well-beeing. We feel both safe and in unity with ourselves. Let yourself be in touch with “Elements” and enjoy the sensual feelings on the sensual healing sounds of Shajan.

 “Elements” - an over 73 minutes masterpiece.

Deep Healing Elements won 1st runner up in the Meditation Music category of the Coalition of Visionary Retailers awards. The award was announced at the International New Age Trade Show end of June 2014.

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