Gallery Of Dreams
by Gandalf feat. Steve Hackett

CD no.


Digitally re-mastered  feat.ex-Genesis guitarrist Steve Hackett. The album is available in a limited box-edition



Re-release of a legendary album featuring Steve Hackett
After a short creative break, following his sensational masterpiece "Symphonic Landscape", the Austrian multiinstrumentalist Gandalf released his incredible album "Gallery Of Dreams". Gandalf spent most of the year after  the release of his 15th album since his debut in 1980 trying,  to break new musical grounds. You'Il find the result of this on "Gallery Of Dreams". This album contains a string of strong compositions, that reveal a style more accessible than ever before. However, it never loses touch with the distinctive style that Gandalf's music has always had. For Gallery Of Dreams, Gandalf uses more "natural" instruments, like guitars and piano, than in the past. Synthesizers are mostly used on this album for string and horn arrangements.
Gandalf: "Steve Hackett is one of the people who in the past had a major influence on my musical development. Over the last few years, I have been finding my own personal style and working with Steve felt like closing a circle. I managed to build a bridge to my musical roots". Gallery Of Dreams however, is also a remarkable album because of Gandalf's co-operation with no other than guitarist Steve Hackett and singer Tracy Hitchings. Especially Hacketts distinctive styles makes a mark on Gandalf's music.
Steve Hackett, who also released a number of very successful solo-albums, to this work with Gandalf: "Working with Gandalf on this album has certainly been one of my most enjoyable recording experiences. In his field, he is undoubtedly a musical genius without paraIlel". 
The vocals for the title-track of the album were done by British singer Tracy Hitchings, who was a member of Quasar.
To the album-concept, Gandalf says: "As I started working on new musical ideas, I also started looking for a concept and I knew it had to have something to do with the balance between phantasy and reality. By chance I visited Madame Tussaud's in Amsterdam durling a stay in Holland. There I saw a number of famous personalities, like the painters Vincent van Gogh and Hieronymus Bosch. They all looked like they could come to life any moment and start talking to you. Suddenly I had the idea for a story about a painter whose phantasy-images come to life one night, come down the paintings and start talking to him. The story tells about the struggle between the imaginary world of an artist and the real world and about how all this is part of a larger reality."

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