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Journey to the Core of Human Existence

Lovers of science fiction classics might be reminded of Jules Vernes “Journey to The center Of The Earth” when they muse over the title of the second TYA-album for Prudence. But here the journey goes straight to the core of human existence: “Atma”, a term from the classical Indian language Sanskrit, denotes the SELF, the eternal and undestructible inner character of each being. Often ATMA is translated as “soul”. But in contrast to the Western (and also Christian) concept of “soul”, which refers to the psychic structure of the being, ATMA only and exclusively means the eternal and unchangeable inner identity.

And thus the new TYA tracks are far from being introverted or intellectual – to the contrary. The German project around Mastermind and composer Martin Scherl has created music, which is based on very vital, gently energetic grooves and fleshed out with seductively sensual sounds. A blend of Ambient, TripHop and Worldmusic elements that appeals equally to the mind, the soul and the body. Not a big wonder, since, as Martin Scherl puts it, “Atma is strongly related to the German word ‘Atem’ – i.e. ‘breath’, the most central function of our body. And also one, which mostly works totally unconsciously.”   With these thoughts in mind TYA lovingly charge the listener with gentle, positive energy. 

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