Little Luxuries
by Lux, Christina

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Christina Lux Cd "Little Luxuries" shows a musician of high calibre in the purest way possible. The singer/songwriter arranged and produced a beautiful CD filled with her velvety voice, her unusual guitar style and minimal acoustic arrangements. She uses her voice with the flexibility of a jazzsinger, you'll find a sung bassline and percussive sounds, strong melodies and lyrics that come close to ones heart. All this with her groovy guitar and rippling fingerstyle creates an intimate and impressive sound. „Christinas Lux shows that you don't need sensational licks to make vivid and emotional music. All you need is a convincing voice, good songs, unusual guitar style with folk elements yet groovy and funky; a Joan Baez 2002 who enchants the audience ....“ Akustik Gitarre „...a great voice. Her soft ballads sung with a sensual dark voice are classically embedded in grooving, tasteful arrangements. Lots of power in her voice, lyrics which say a great deal. Her power reminds one a little bit of the singer from Tuck&Patti, whereas Christina definetely has got her own style. Velvety!“ Feedback Magazine

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