Pure Love
by Lux, Christina

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"She is a wonderful singer. One of your best”. (Jon Lord) 

The singer/songwriter and guitarist Christina Lux is a phenomenon.  Since the mid-eighties she has become one of Germany’s most wanted backup singers . She has been touring with the Jule Neigel Band back in 1989 and more recently, as a special guest, supportet Fury in the slaughterhouse on their 1998 tour.  Renowned artists such as Grace Jones, Oleta Adams, Gabrielle and Nina Hagen had her sing backing vocals on prime-time TV shows.  She sang on studio albums for Mick Karn of Japan fame and Deep Purple’s Jon Lord. Even on dance records such as  RMB’s Mission Horizon (2001) her unique voice can be heard

But Christina Lux also has a career of her own.  Since releasing  her first two solo albums „She is Me“ (1998) and „Little Luxuries“ (1999) she has performed countless club concerts all around the country. Some of these were as a soloist, others as a member of her own trio including bass-player Marius Goldhammer ( Marla Glen..) and her one-man-percussion-orchestra Roland Peil (Die Phantastischen 4..).  She has opened shows for Paul Young in 1999 and for New York’s Tuck+Patti in 2001.  Music magazine „Gitarre & Bass“ (7/2001) says, " What sets her apart from others is her warm and deeply touching voice, supported by her finely tuned feeling for spontaneity and free-flowing improvisation combined with her jazzy, grooving rhythm guitar...truly great!”
While the music industry sometimes fails to recognize the gold in their own backyard, Christina Lux is regarded as a brilliant musician’s musician by critics both at home and in other countries.  Perhaps this is because of the wide range of her repertoire: songs that are written in authentic American English, sung with her dark magic velvety voice, blending acoustic soul and funky folk with jazzy improvised highlights.  According to the music magazine Soundcheck, she holds her own in a comparison with Rickie Lee Jones or Shawn Calvin.

Christina Lux is a truly exceptional live artist.  Her latest offering Pure Love, gives the best feel yet for the spontaneity of her live performances.  Since, with the exception of two tracks, it was recorded in live situations, we’re able to experience the pure magic of one of her concerts...pure pleasure!

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