Die Geheimnisse der Cleopatra
by Potschka, Potsch

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Her name is legend - Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt is still one of the most impressive personalities of mankind. With beauty and intelligence, Cleopatra fought with all means for her people. To make Egypt a world empire, she beguiled with diplomatic calculation and feminine charm the greatest statesmen of her time, who fell unconditionally at her feet.
Even after more than 2000 years, Cleopatra is still the epitome of beauty, exoticism and intelligence. Discover the secrets of Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptians, historically and musically.
Oriental sounds accompany through the myths and stories of One Thousand and One Nights. The music was composed by the guitarist Potsch Potschka, who is internationally known for his impressive musical journeys. The virtuoso, who lives in Spain, is a master at bringing together musical influences from the most diverse cultural circles of the Orient into an immensely exciting, coherent melange. Among the excellent guest musicians, such as the Turkish star percussionist Minas Suluyan, the Egyptian vocalist Nasser Kilada in particular lends the album additional authenticity with his onomatopoeic chants.
A collection of musical highlights that transport the listener to the mysterious sound worlds of the exotic Orient.


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