Das Boot (Soundtrack zur TV Serie, Staffel 3)
by TV Serie "Das Boot" III

CD no.


The soundtrack for the third episode of DAS BOOT is based on the musical concept of the first two episodes, but again it moves in new directions. There are plenty of "cutting edge" sounds of an electronic nature here as well, many of them created by Weber with his favorite instrument, the Continuum Fingerboard.

A new thematic thread in the story takes place in then-neutral Portugal. This influence is strongly reflected in the score. There are several new orchestral themes - for Swinburne, the British commander, both an action theme and a very "British" emotional piece for brass; a love theme for Greta and Ehrenberg; a suspense theme as well as an emotional theme for Pauli and Harri; an overarching main theme for Portugal; a theme for Buchner and many new interpretations of the Forster, Hoffmann, Ehrenberg and Simone themes.

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