Der Anfang von etwas (O.S.T.)

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Anne Hoppe (Ina Weisse), who works as a meteorologist at the Hamburg Sea Weather Agency, has been mourning for her husband Harry (Juergen Maurer) for a year. The latter died in the morning of New Year's Eve in a naval accident. However, his body never has been found.
At a memorial service, Anne thinks having recognized her husband, who actually has been declared dead, among the guests. At first, she doubts at her mind, but when someone breaks into her house at night, she can catch a glimpse of the burglar: Now she is convinced that it was Harry. Officer Inga Petersen (Franziska Hartmann), who is investigating the break-in, assumes that Anne is just a quirky widow unable to cope with the loss of her husband. Anne finally decides to persue her own investigations.

In the film score, composed by the award-winning composer Christoph Zirngibl (“Angst”, “Neben der Spur/The Trace”, “Der Auftrag/The Mission” and many more), elements of classical orchestral film music (recorded with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg) are skillfully combined with elements of contemporary thriller music, forming a soundtrack that always weighs the listener in uncertainty and leads them down into the deep abysses of an anything but perfect marriage.

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