Ein verhängnisvoller Plan (O.S.T.)
by Richard Ruzicka

CD no.


The composer Richard Ruzicka was already asked at a very early stage for the movie "Ein verhängnisvoller Plan", which made it possible for him to work on musical sketches already during the shooting. As a basis for this he used the script, which he exchanged with director Ed Herzog. The basic idea of the music was to make the "thriller" in the movie almost continuously perceptible on the auditory level and to work with emotional colors in between, which are leitmotivically interspersed. With the instrumentation of the film music, the composer has set himself the restriction of bringing orchestrally conceived music to an almost completely electronic level. In addition to analog synthesizer sounds, string orchestra sounds, for example, are used, but they are also treated as an electronic source by controlling the playful expression with filter rides etc. instead of the natural human expression. For the end of the film, the composer has produced a song that carries the viewer out of the film with an intimate, unnaturally quietly recorded female voice (vocals: Alma Naidu)."