Suitcase Full Of Blues
by Humphrey, Albert C.

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Although many Blues musicians are in the process of attempting to redefine the Blues or to make it more modern in order to appeal to younger music fans these days, Albert C. Humphrey who was born in the ghettos of Los Angeles and has been residing in Munich Germany for over 40 years, is sticking to the traditional and old school form of singing the Blues. On his in Germany newly produced CD “Suitcase full of Blues” (Label R’n’D) with BSC Music, there are 15 self composed Blues songs, none of which are remakes. The CD also features two traditional gospel songs to remind people where the roots of the Blues came from. His songs were all recorded (just like they were over 100 years ago) using simply guitar, somewhat base, harmonica and vocals. They are authentic, handmade and predominantly unplugged. You can hear and feel the presence of Blues greats such as Big Joe Turner, Robert Johnson, Sunny Terry & Brownie Mc Ghee, they inspired Albert C. Humphrey. Simply real Blues, a music form, that will never die, as long as there are musicians like Albert C. Humphrey. Accompanied by the outstanding musicians Mano Maniak on guitar/base, Charly Braun on guitar and Hubert Hofherr on harmonica , Albert C. Humphrey presents a great mix of Country-, Delta- and a taste of Cajon-Blues, that is most definitely worth listening to.

Favourites are track 3 “Paying my dues to the Blues”, track 7 “It’s all your fault”, track 8 “Good loving is hard to find”, track 10 “Suitcase full of Blues” and track 12 “Mr. Bill Collector”.

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