World Away
by Rodriguez & Wilders

CD no.


Rodriguez and Wilders  profiled as experienced and accomplished songwriters. So 9 of the 10 songs on this album are written by themselves, but also a beautiful version of Thin Lizzy - classic "Do not Believe A Word". could be found on this album. The songs are catchy, varied and direct, but also surprising and playful. The list of guest musicians is impressive:
Richard Cousins, USA,Bass(Robert Cray/Eric Clapton)
Peter Haas, Switzerland,Drums (Ivan Neville/Krokus)
Felix Widmer, Switzerland,Hammond
Joe McHugh, Ireland,U-Pipe (Dubliners/Vollenweider)
Rick Fenn, England,Backing Vox ( 10cc )
Sheryl Black, New Zeeland ( Tina Turner )
Alex Klemke, Germany,Backing Vox ( William White )
Stephan Geiser, CH,Trumpet,Tromb.(FunkyBrotherhood)
Till Grünewald, CH,Saxophones (FunkyBrotherhood)
Mathis Keller, CH,Cello
Charles Mc`Neal, USA,Tenor Sax
Kurt Söldi, CH,Trumpet

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