Turn Your Music On
by No Snakes In Heaven

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In times of artistic deprivation Singer Songwriter Micha Voigt, who´s the head of No Snakes In Heaven, recharches herself by picking up the guitar.

A new song is born. “Turn your music on” reflects the current situation and is a tribute to music itself, written for all the people who belief in its power and magic. “Music can support us, carry us and even heal us”, Micha Voigt says. “I understand it as my contribution in these pandemic times to give people a positive song, that reminds us of community and togetherness. With the hope of dance and encounters, joy and friends.”
She is now and as always, accompanied by her long time and faithful Duo Melanie Kraus (Cello) and Matthias Haupt (Guitar,Vocals). 
There will be even more new songs by No Snakes In Heaven in autumn this year. 

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