Single "Die Welt hat Kratzer"
by Kupfer

CD no.


The duo Kupfer, which has received a lot of positive press, is back from the Corona break with a new song and video.

"Die Welt hat Kratzer" is an unmelancholic snapshot, an energetic song at the end of a time in which we all had to put up with a lot and through which we slid - with more or less severe wounds and bigger or smaller scrapes. Here we are now in the midst of all the new hope, but also countless trench warfare, aberrations and slogans. And maybe now we need to shake ourselves, wriggle the whole thing out of our limbs, sweep the dirt aside, take a breath and clear our view a bit again.
"Come we dance them out" (the scratches) is what the song says. Indie - guitars and a striking retro-synth riff meet the lines of singer Stefan Weyerer, who says: "Yes, there are a lot of "Yes's" in this song. It just sings well after all the can't, can't and won't of the last year."
Together with his buddy Nick Flade, Weyerer will follow up a few weeks later - on July 16, 2021 - with the release of the album "World Let`s Hug The A**holes".

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