Zorrocape (für S.)
by Kupfer feat. Le Thanh-Ho

CD no.


"Zorrocape" sounds like a summer dream sequence - carried by the piano of the Kupfer-  keyboardist Nick Flade. A song for those who cannot let the world remain unjust. "In you the ambition rages - you want to prove that it works: All the happiness without the downsides" sings guitarist and lyricist Stefan Weyerer and observes in the song a young mother on the beach. A piece of amber, her two children, mask and cape interweave into an associative story of someone who can no longer sit still and want to take up the fight.

It was recorded and produced in the Kupfer-owned studios "Grandezza" and "84er" and mixed by Stefan Weyerer and Franz Erl in the Highline Studio. The duet partner is the Berlin actress, singer and songwriter Le - Thanh Ho. This collaboration is no coincidence, as Stefan Weyerer is also producing her new album, the 2021

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