Single "Der Drummer zaehlt ein"
by Kupfer

CD no.


„The drummer counts in“ is the third release of the new Kupfer album. And this song is a declaration of love to life on tour – and a deep bow to music itself. “In these leaden times, we want to remember how it is to go on stage – with confetti in your belly and heart – and it finally starts: The drummer counts in and there’s no f*** problem”. This is how the Kupfer-boys describe it. The song-buddies Stefan Weyerer and Nick Flade both lived through
countless tour-experiences in all different kinds of formations, from big to small stages around the world.
In their song, they note: “What a job, we give the world, that we are nutters.” The lyrics describe the arrival at the club in the afternoon, the unpacking and sound-check, all the coffee and this holiest of moments: “The drummer counts in and we start to float. This has always been our best way of existing”. A soulful-funky retro-guitar, a surprisingly hymnal refrain and – of course – groovy drums show
the duo from their most energetic, non-melancholic and powerful side. And thanks to a youtube-video from a Saturday evening cult-show of the 70s with Peter Frankenfeld as presenter (including the “German TV-ballet”) that lastingly impressed Kupfer -singer Weyerer, we now know why he sings: “Musik stays. Musik stays trump card”.
Produced by Stefan Weyerer, mixed by Franz Erl and with Manfred Mildenberger on the drums!

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