Single 'World Lets Hug The A**holes'
by Kupfer

CD no.


Every month, starting January 2020, one song of the new Kupfer album collection „World, Let's Hug The A**holes" will be published. The second release is going to be the title song.
And this one's a statement. Because they're here, the a**holes of this world. The ones in the so-called positions of power, the violent a**holes and the everyday agitators on the internet. Whether large or small, their system is always based on aggression, negativity, bullying and hatred. The question is: How do we deal with them? If we hit or hate back, we will eventually become supporters of their style or even a**holes ourselves. „You will not have my hate", wrote a relative of one of the Bataclan victims. What an admirable statement!
„To love those a**holes and literally embrace them might remain an utopia reserved for the Jesuses and Gandhis of this world. But not returning their hatred, not allowing our hearts to be poisoned, could be the beginning of the end of this whole a**hole system", says singer and guitar player Stefan Weyerer. Independent singer-songwriting meets retro synthie-sounds. The song has been produced by the Kupfer protagonists Nick Flade and Stefan Weyerer. Drums were contributed by Manfred Mildenberger and mixing was done by Stefan Weyerer and Franz Erl in the „Grandezza" and „Highline" studios.

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