Single 'Danoch werds nie wieda wie vorher sein'
by Gnadenkapelle

CD no.


This is a song of hope and the promise to escape the threatening times, from the only "Gnadenkapelle" with which even atheists can gain edifying confidence. From the description of the present situation in the verses, the refrain rises to a far-reaching view of the future, in which the redeeming return to everyday life represents a credible promise of happiness, one that is worth working towards for all. The medieval-looking choral songs in the middle section with their penitential despair create the appropriate starting point for a phenomenally lifting lapsteel solo, which leads to heavenly heights to a redemptive dance of angels. Perhaps one or the other will soon find himself in just such a situation.

Apart from the theological aspects of this song, it offers wonderfully colorful sound aspects and smooth polyrhythms, so some details only become apparent after listening to it several times. Responsible music editors should by no means withhold these musical hopefuls from their listeners in need of consolation, especially since they would otherwise have wasted valuable life time with this long text.

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