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Förderpreis der Liederbestenliste

Förderpreis der Liederbestenliste 2016 goes to Nadine Maria Schmidt

Singer-songwriter Nadine Maria Schmidt will receive the Liederbestenliste 2016 sponsorship award, which will be presented to the musician at the Liederbestenliste Liederfest on September 17 at Unterhaus Mainz.

Nadine Maria Schmidt has a lot to offer: her smoky voice, the melancholy in her songs as well as the poetic, the natural. Her stories are about togetherness, about being lost, about farewells and losses. There is little to laugh about in her songs, but all the more to think about. Often she chooses the dialogue with a counterpart, empathizes with Marie, Dshamilja and Josephine or Johanna. Nadine Maria Schmidt can be really loud, she can make her voice explode. But she can be just as vulnerably quiet - whispering and screaming. A lot of soul resonates in all her songs, being involved, not just looking on, but being in the middle of the story. The way she sings her songs, you can believe that she could have experienced every single story. Her CD "Songs from Autumn" is a prime example of nature-based imagery. So many chestnuts, apples, sun and moon, golden yellow wine and October leaves could hardly be found on a CD before. The instrumentation of her songs is also versatile, and they sound warmest and most authentic when Nadine Maria Schmidt reaches for the "small instruments" and gives room to cello, glockenspiel and trombone. Her CD "Ich bin der Regen - Lieder aus Gedichten" (I am the rain - songs from poems), which will be released in May of this year, includes songs by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, who died in 1942 - at the age of 18 - in a forced labor camp in the Ukraine, and Schmidt's highly topical song "Aluna - Meine Mutter war ein Flüchtling" (Aluna - My mother was a refugee). One reads about it in the just-published anniversary issue of "Die Zeit" on its 70th anniversary: "Nadine Maria Schmidt wrote an incorrigibly good song."

Nadine Maria Schmidt is a singer/songwriter, who is to be wished further successes and on the way the promotion award of the Liederbestenliste 2016 should be a milestone!

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